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In praise of job hoppers

Posted by: Recruiter Recruiter 19 Apr 17  | Berkley News


 A recent survey from Modis showed that 58% of 500 IT decision makers viewed candidates who had a tenure of over 5 years in their previous role as more attractive applicants. But the world is changing and with millennials seeping further into the talent marketplace, these kind of ideas are quickly becoming outdated. In fact, a survey by Bentley University found that 41% of millennials expect to remain in a position for 2 years or less, compared to 17% of generation x-ers, and just 10% of baby boomers.

Wanting loyalty from a candidate is all well and good, but job hoppers can be beneficial hires. I mean, wouldn’t you rather hire a Don Draper for 1 year than a Homer Simpson for 5?

So what are the advantages job hoppers can bring to your workplace?

Easily adaptable

When hiring someone who has been in the same company for a long time, getting them to fit into your company culture may feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The job hopping worker, having adapted to several different company cultures, is like play-doh - they’ll fit into any environment with ease.

Larger networks

Candidates who have worked in several different roles will have a more extensive and varied network to call on. Someone who has worked successfully in a number of teams with a number of people can bring valuable experience to a team who may be stagnant or complacent. Furthermore, your company can benefit from hiring a candidate who has a preexisting network since it opens up a whole new avenue for business leads, especially if you are hiring someone who has hopped around within the same sector.

Varied skillset

Jobs are like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two roles are ever exactly the same. A job hopper will have a wide skillset because they will have learned different things to tackle different roles. Furthermore, someone who has been employed in several different roles in the same sector can bring the knowledge and expertise of your competitors to your company.


A job hopper, by definition, has to have been employed in a number of different roles. Now, this could be seen as erratic and unstable, but the fact that they have been able to land so many roles means they have surely done excellent work in their previous positions. Furthermore, a job hopper is always thinking about what their next role could be. Of course, this means you will eventually lose them to a different role, but, in order to move roles, they have to prove themselves in the role they already have. For this reason, people who move jobs a lot are likely to be overachievers, constantly thinking about the ways they can improve their CVs.

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